valentine messages for boyfriend long distance |
valentine messages for boyfriend long distance

valentine messages for boyfriend long distance

Valentine’s Day is here again, and it’s the perfect time to let your man know how much you love him. Whether your love story is just beginning or has stood the test of time, and whether you’re navigating a long-distance relationship or enjoying the closeness of living together, it’s crucial to communicate your feelings.

Expressing your feelings might not always be easy, but it’s important to show him how special he is to you. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a collection of Valentine’s Day messages to a boyfriend. Share these heartfelt messages with your favorite person and tell what’s going on in your heart.

Valentine Messages To A Boyfriend

You don’t need elaborate or lengthy verses to express your feelings to him. Whether he is new or has been with you for a long time, here are the best Valentine messages to a boyfriend to use.

Valentine Messages To A Boyfriend
  1. On Valentine’s Day and every day, my favorite place to be is right next to you.
  2. To the man who loves me unconditionally, Happy Valentine’s. I love you forever!
  3. You’re sweet, strong, smart, and sexy. Lucky to call you mine!
  4. My tall, dark, and handsome man. I’m so glad to be your lady. Happy Valentine’s Day to my special human.
  5. This Valentine’s Day, I’d rather be kissing you than missing you!
  6. To the dashing, caring, and lovely human, my dear boyfriend: Happy Valentine’s Day
  7. While today is just one day in the year, know that I love you every day and every moment. Accept my love on this beautiful occasion!
  8. Here’s to celebrating many more Valentine’s Days together. Have a blast, my Love.
  9. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love, my life, my heart, my forever valentine. Thank you for bringing happiness and joy to my life.
  10. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best boyfriend ever! Thank you for making my world an awesome place.
  11. As our time together grows, so does the closeness between us. Grateful to have found you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  12. While I may not be your first date, first kiss, or love, I want to be your last everything. Happy Valentine’s Day
  13. You are my lover, partner, inspiration, best friend, and everything. I love you. Have a wonderful Valentine’s celebration.
  14. From the first morning touch to the last night’s kiss, I cherish every romantic moment we share. Happy Valentine’s Day
  15. You’re everything I ever wished for, better than my dreams, and all I’ll ever need. Happy Valentine’s Day
  16. Dear, I truly appreciate how you’ve stayed beside me through thick and thin. I adore you more than anything in the world this Valentine’s Day and every day. Love you!
  17. May this Valentine’s Day grace us with the arrow of love and the warmth of romance. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Charming Prince!
  18. In your presence, I’ve discovered a love so profound, and I’ve never felt more alive. You are the source of my utmost happiness. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart.
  19. To my beloved Valentine, Happy Valentine’s Day! May our love story continue to unfold through countless more Valentine’s Days. I will cherish and love you always.
  20. As time and distance cannot diminish my love for you, I wish you were here with me on this beautiful day. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  21. I’m eternally thankful for your presence by my side and the love you show me. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  22. After all these years, my feelings for you remain unchanged. You have been there since college. I’m lucky to meet an honest and rich guy like you. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!
  23. My life is a melody of tunes and cherished memories because of you. Having you as my partner feels like a dream come true. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and kisses!
  24. Through ups and downs, our journey always leads us home, back to each other. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  25. Thank you for treating me with love and kindness. I’m blessed to have a man like you. Happy Valentine. 

Valentine Messages For Boyfriend Long Distance

Long distance shouldn’t stop you from expressing your love to your husband on this special day. Looking for inspiration on how to compose it? Here are unique Valentine messages for boyfriend long distance.

Valentine Messages For Boyfriend Long Distance
  1. The distance is a challenge, but you remain essential to my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! I’m hoping for the day when this distance will be a memory.
  2. I wish I could spend the entire day with you, laughing and playing together instead of missing you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  3. Though distances separate our bodies, our spirits remain connected. I think of you constantly, sending you heaps of love.
  4. No matter how far you are from me, you will always be the closest to my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  5. The day I finally meet you will be my true Valentine’s Day. I miss you deeply.
  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to the one who has my heart, no matter the distance. I may not be there in person, but my thoughts and love are with you.
  7. Wishing my incredible boyfriend a Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s to the day when we won’t have to count the miles anymore.
  8. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! I cherish the love we share and eagerly await the day when we won’t have to say goodbye.”
  9. True love overcomes any distance. Thank you for being my Valentine. You’re always in my heart! I love you!
  10. Your love is the constant dose I need, enduring till the end of eternity. I wish you were here with me on Valentine’s Day. Love you, darling.
  11. Seeing couples on Valentine’s Day without you breaks my heart. Distance has never troubled us, but today, I miss you dearly. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.
  12. No distance can separate us as long as we share the same sky and feel the same wind. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  13. I know you’re missing me, and I’m missing you too. Let’s look forward to being together on the next one. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  14. Your presence is like sunshine, warming everything and making life worth living. Happy Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend. I miss you every day.
  15. You mean the world to me, and today is just another day to remind you. I miss you more than you can imagine, dear boyfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  16. Distance can’t weaken my love for you. I’m eagerly waiting to see you soon. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.
  17. The distance can only physically separate us, but our hearts are forever connected. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  18. Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who perfectly adores and remains faithful despite the miles between us. 

Funny Valentine Messages For Boyfriend Long Distance

Adding a touch of humor to your Valentine messages for boyfriend long distance can bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face. Here are some funny messages you can use:

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to my long-distance love! If love could travel miles, ours would have enough frequent flyer miles for a first-class upgrade by now.
  2. Distance means so little when someone means so much and when there’s a good Wi-Fi connection. Happy Valentine’s Day, my virtual love!
  3. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, my heart must be setting records by now! Happy Valentine’s Day, my absent but still cherished boyfriend.
  4. Long-distance relationships are like unicorns. Everyone talks about them, but few have seen one. Happy Valentine’s Day to my rare and magical boyfriend!
  5. Happy Valentine’s Day to the guy who’s so far away. He’s practically in the future. Tell me, do they have flying cars yet?
  6. They say love knows no bounds, but I didn’t realize it included time zones and international calling rates. Happy Valentine’s Day, my globally loved boyfriend!
  7. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or is it just my stomach growling because you’re not here to cook for me? Either way, miss you, chef!
  8. Happy Valentine’s Day! They say laughter is the best medicine, so I hope this message reaches you and cures any homesickness. If not, at least it’s a good attempt!”
  9. They say love is blind, but I didn’t realize it also had a lousy sense of direction. Happy Valentine’s Day to my love who’s somewhere out there!”
  10. Happy Valentine’s Day! Our love is like a long-distance call – a bit distant, sometimes crackly, but always worth the connection fee!
  11. This Valentine’s Day, our love is like a Wi-Fi signal – it may drop occasionally, but I promise to keep reconnecting. Missing you and our stable internet connection!
  12. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! If love were measured in frequent flyer miles, we’d be upgraded to VIP status by now. Free in-flight snacks, anyone?
  13. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or at least it makes the memory of your cooking taste even better. Happy Valentine’s Day, my culinary superhero!
  14. They say love can move mountains. In our case, it just needs to conquer a few time zones. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite time traveler!
  15. Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite pixelated boyfriend! Thanks for making every video call feel like a romantic comedy – complete with buffering and unexpected plot twists.

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Show your boyfriend that you love him by sending him a Valentine’s message that captures your heart desires. This collection of Valentine messages to a  boyfriend is ever-green and fresh.