I Think My Boyfriend Is Pushing Your Relationship |
I Think My Boyfriend Is Pushing Your Relationship

I Think My Boyfriend Is Pushing Your Relationship

You might be experiencing this and think your guy is withdrawing or losing interest, but that might not be the case. Some guys struggle with handling their emotions, and they might truly love you but are scared to show it.

Research has shown that men are more emotionally reserved and might have difficulty expressing their feelings than ladies. So, it might be he loves you, and he thinks he might not show love the way you want it.

Here are the top 5 reasons to answer your curiosity on “I think my boyfriend is pushing your relationship.”

I Think My Boyfriend Is Pushing Your Relationship – 5 Top Reasons

1. He’s deeply falling for you

One of the reasons your boyfriend is pushing your relationship is because he’s falling for you. Most guys have difficulty expressing emotions, such as love, and this can greatly affect the way they relate to you.

He might be deeply connected to you and falling over the heels for you, but if he thinks he is unsettled with having a relationship with you, he might push away to have time to process his emotions.

You might experience a break from him. That might be the time he’s processing his emotions. It does not mean that he is leaving you or pushing you away.

2. He’s not entirely sure about the relationship

Another reason your boyfriend is pushing your relationship might be because he still has reservations about committing to a relationship with you despite his love for you.

There are many reasons for this. It can be that the guy grew up with traumas, recently left a toxic relationship, or has personal issues to address before fully committing. In this case, communication is paramount to help you to understand his concerns and find a resolution.

3. He’s stressed, and it’s not about you

Sometimes, your boyfriend might be pushing your relationship because he needs space to unwind, and it has nothing to do with you. The stress might be emotional or physical. He might be dealing with personal issues unrelated to you.

You should understand that although you both have a life together, he had an independent life before meeting you. He might not be rejecting you, as he may have work or health-related stressors or unresolved personal matters stressing him.
Understanding that it’s not always about you can help you navigate this situation.

4. It’s progressing too quickly

If he feels the relationship is moving too fast or progressing too quickly than he imagine, he might withdraw a bit or push the relationship. This does not mean he doesn’t love you. It might be because he finds the intensity and the time spent together overwhelming.

This feeling could be a result of past experiences, such as a codependent or toxic relationship. He may be trying not to appear too needy, which could lead to his distancing behavior.

5. He’s uncertain about the next steps

Some guys do feel scared when taking the relationship to the next level due to the fear of being rejected. It might be that you guy isn’t sure you are ready to be with him all the way, and he does not know how to probe the question so that you won’t get angry and leave.

He may pull away as a coping mechanism to deal with the anxiety of potential rejection. And it might be he’s trying to gather the courage to stay in the relationship.

Signs Someone Is Pushing You Away

When someone is pushing you away, the person begins to do things to pass the information. It might be intense or mild, violent or peaceful. Either way, you must recognize the signs and understand the underlying reasons. Here are common signs someone is pushing you away.

1. Reduced Communication

One of the clearest signs that someone is pushing you away is a significant reduction in communication. They might not respond to your texts or calls as promptly as they used to, or they might withdraw from conversations. You can see signs of disconnection in their emotions as they talk to you when you are around them. When this becomes consistent, you might try discussing it with your partner, and if there isn’t a change, please leave.

2. They Start Avoiding You

One of the initial signs someone is pushing you away is that they start avoiding you. They start avoiding being around you. They might avoid your calls and messages, offering excuses to avoid spending time together. This can be particularly painful, especially if you had previously enjoyed their company.

3. Affection Wanes

All forms of affection such as hugging, kissing, cuddling, and tender gestures, diminish when someone is pushing you away. They may also avoid intimate moments. This is a noticeable sign that someone is pushing you away.

4. Emotional Distance

When you discover that the person is emotionally becoming distant, avoiding deep conversations, steering clear of personal topics, and not opening up or sharing their feelings as they used to, it might be a sign that they don’t want the relationship anymore, and it means it is time for you to leave.

5. Heightened Aggressiveness

Aggression can manifest in various forms, including physical, emotional, or passive-aggressive behavior. Aggression can be intense and violent. Please leave the relationship if it is becoming violent.

This aggression may result from deep-seated anger, especially when they are attempting to push you away. Their aggressive responses can make interactions with them uncomfortable and challenging.

6. Increased Conflict

This is another intense sign someone is pushing you away. While disagreements are common in relationships, a significant increase in conflicts is a sign of trouble.

Frequent fights, often over trivial matters, become more prevalent when someone is pushing you away. So, if you begin to notice increased conflict, try communicating with your partner to know the reason, and if it doesn’t change, it might be a sign that they are doing it deliberately to push you away.

7. Intense Phone Preoccupation

When your partner intensely focus on their phones, neglecting your conversations and attempts to connect, it might depict a sign that they have little interest in what you have to say or share. This can be a form of gradual disconnection or pushing you away.

8. Blame Game Intensifies

One of the major ways they show that someone is pushing you away is that they start blaming you for everything, including things that shouldn’t be your responsibility. The constant blame can be emotionally exhausting and a clear indication that they are pushing you away.

9. Change in Priorities

The person may start prioritizing other aspects of their life over the relationship, such as work, hobbies, or friends. Your partner begins to spend less time with you, doesn’t regard the relationship as highly as before, and avoids you. When you are once the priority and no longer one, it is a clear sign he is pausing you.

10. Requesting a Break

When someone asks for a break in the relationship, it’s often a subtle way of signaling a desire to distance themselves. This request is a prelude to a potential breakup, reflecting their waning commitment.

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It’s important to initiate a conversation to express your concerns when you experience any of these signs. Encourage your partner to express their concerns too. This will help you understand if they are really pushing you away, and if they are, it will be wise for you to leave calmly without causing drama.